Happy Valentine’s Day

February, 2018 

Did you know that on this Valentine’s Day in the United States alone, consumers will be spending $19.6 billion on gifts, cards, flowers and other indulgences?

When you support YouCanFreeUs, you are allowing us to love on women and children who have been through some of the most horrible of life’s situations.

At our Mumbai safe houses we are expecting the birth of another baby. The mother was rescued and we can’t wait for this precious baby to come.  Since our last newsletter to you, we have received three new beneficiaries! Our brave survivors are living in freedom and chasing after their dreams.  Thank you dear supporters of YouCanFreeUs.  If you wish share some love this Valentine’s season to help us further our work, please donate below.

Some of our brave survivors along with staff at a recent camp.



Merry Christmas!

December, 2017 

We hope all of our friends around the world are having a fantastic day with their loved ones celebrating the reason for this season. We are so grateful for each one of you. Many of you have volunteered at our operations in different parts of the world. Some of you have made the trips and hugged on the necks of our beneficiaries and our staff.

Many of you have donated generously.

Together we have made a difference in making the world a better place. We have brought hope where there was no hope and freedom to those in captivity. YouCanFreeUs has brought freedom to hundreds over the past seven years.

Unfortunately, tonight there are still over 40 million victims in slavery – together we will be their voice.

We have some updates for you from our last blog entry …

Run for Freedom, Walk for Justice – Nov 18, 2017

2017 Run for Freedom, Walk for Justice 5K and Super Hero Fun Run was a great success because of our friends, partners and sponsors of YouCanFree.Us. Thank you to those of you who came out on race day, and who gave financially for this event.

Two new rescues have taken place in the last seven days.

These are incredible survivors. Though they have been through a horrible past, their future is bright.

The story of Reema’s wedding…..

Reema was orphaned by the age of four and raised by extended family. Sadly, her story is similar to many in our safe houses, in that she was sold by a family member into slavery as a young teenager. Reema was eventually rescued after a police raid and brought to YouCanFree.Us. That was a day of deliverance for this broken, abused, and traumatized young girl.

At YouCanFree.Us, Reema received the love and care she had always longed for, but was always skeptical about. Over time, Reema began expressing a longing desire she has always had to have a family of her own. She dreamed of a wedding, her prince charming, and of being a mother. Since this was the desire of her heart, it became the desire of YouCanFree.Us for Reema’s life.

At the beginning of 2017, YouCanFree.Us India, came across a bachelor who was also orphaned at a very young age. He seemed like the absolute perfect match for Reema. Reema and Ravi began supervised meetings to get to know one another and soon realized they were meant to be together…

YouCanFree.Us India worked hard in sending her off through a beautiful wedding planned especially for her on the 7th of December, 2017. When Reema walked into the lawns of her wedding venue, not a single face was devoid of a huge grin, not an eye left dry. Reema was beaming with joy and hope as she walked down the aisle ready to start the joyous chapter in her life.

The journey of Reema’s life, her hardships, her lessons, and her restoration are instances that cannot be quantified; words do not give justice to these milestones in her life. At the end of it all, Reema was a gorgeous, beaming bride on her special day. She is a tangible, glorious success life story of redemption and restoration for YouCanFreeUs.

On behalf of our board, staff and volunteers from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, India and Poland and especially from our 28 beneficiaries in our safe houses in India and 4 in our safe house in Poland.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Meet Sunflower…

November, 2017 


Sunflower is one of the girls we rescued who is currently being cared for in our safe house. Her name in the story has been changed to the name of the flower she chose for her portrait. Below is her story in an abbreviated form. Her story is dark but her future is bright.

Sunflower spent her childhood in a small village in Nepal. Her family was very poor and as a young girl, she wanted desperately to help them to make money somehow. A neighbor tricked her and her family by promising a good job in Mumbai and a chance to go to school as well. But at the age of 11, Sunflower was trafficked and sold into a brothel in Mumbai. She was placed in a dark room and forced to see many men every night. She does not remember seeing the light of the sunrise for several years.  One night, she was able to escape and ran immediately to a policeman she saw on the street and told him of her horror. Sadly, he moved her to another red-light area and sold her for even more money. She became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, but she had no idea how to care for herself or the baby. She and her daughter were rescued one day and brought to a YouCanFreeUs safe house, but Sunflower arrived severely depressed and traumatized and was unable to speak to anyone. Through the caring team of YouCanFreeUs, Sunflower has been completely transformed. She has overcome many fears through regular psychosocial support and counseling and has learned to love and care for her baby. Sunflower has blossomed in the safe house where she feels loved and cared for by the staff.  She is interested in cooking and gardening. She is also learning basic reading and writing in the training center, and is on a journey to wholeness and peace. Sunflower has also gained the confidence to learn tailoring, which she wants to pursue as a career path.

Thank you for supporting girls like Sunflower. Over 40 million people are still in slavery. They are counting on all of us.  You can donate here http://www.youcanfree.us/donate

Recent Success Stories!

August 22, 2017 

YouCanFreeUs India
Celebrate with us!

An 18-year-old young lady just started her journey to freedom with us this week in India. She was sold by her own sister and cousin.

We are so proud of our YouCanFreeUs India team and the difference they are making.

You often hear about the horrors of human trafficking. Here are some of our recent success stories we can all celebrate.

Ritu (name changed) has one of the most incredible stories of survival and human endurance. She was kidnapped, sold, beaten and abused by traffickers and men. Kept in a dark room for years, Ritu attempted to escape from the red light district; she thought her only way out was jumping off the roof of the brothel. Ritu tried, but broke both of her legs only to be found again by her captors. She was eventually rescued by the police. In December of 2015 we found her behind these cages in the picture above. That’s when her journey to freedom began. Our India Coordinator, Sheethal, was relentless in her pursuit to see Ritu set free. She was released by the courts and joined our safe house. Today Ritu is healed and just joined a luxury five-star hotel in Mumbai as an apprentice. The pictures above convey her story of transformation.

Amita grew up in Eastern India and was a passionate athlete. One day her coach took her to Mumbai and sold her into the brothels. She has been through the horror and pain that trafficked victims go through. Amita has been one of our stars at YouCanFreeUs. Her life has been truly transformed. She too, started a new apprenticeship at a luxury five-star hotel in Mumbai.

I am following my dream to be a Nurse with the support of YouCanFreeUs……I don’t miss my father anymore.

Jyoti was encouraged by her father to study hard and she loved going to school. Sadly, when her father died, Jyoti’s mother did the best she could financially but could only support her through 10th grade. It was then that her aunt took responsibility for her financially. Jyoti’s aunt sold her to a man working at an exotic bar in the name of marriage. There Jyoti was forced into the sex trade and ended up in the red light area of Mumbai.

Today Jyoti is back in school with the help of YouCanFreeUs Foundation and is enrolled in Nursing School. She is growing in confidence and feels very happy about her achievement.

If you are interested in sponsoring her nursing education please let us know.

YouCanFreeUs Poland

Our beneficiaries over the past year have included eight women and one baby!

How beautiful it is when someone we help is willing to help someone else in need – Magda is giving her hair for a foundation who supports women with cancer.  Currently, Magda is looking at going back to school to complete her culinary certification. This will give her the ability to begin a new life of independence and freedom.

Radka, from Bulgaria, is our most recent rescue. The trauma of her past is still very fresh. She is terrified of what her traffickers might do to her four children, whom she has no contact with. Radka is learning to read and write in Polish. Our staff helped her obtain new documents, which she had none of, and applied for health insurance; she will soon undergo medical tests.

Have you registered yet?

Run, Walk, Volunteer or be a Sponsor. Click the banner below for more information.


Run for Freedom

July 19, 2017 

Fighting modern-day slavery around the world

Hello friends!

We hope the summer is going well for you.

Our work in India and Poland continues to grow. Our resource hubs in USA, Canada and UK are busy planning awareness events and launching fundraising events that will finance our rescue and rehabilitation work. The motivation and fuel for our work is the changed lives we see, and the possibility of bringing freedom to so many more. Thank you for being an integral part of this mission.

We are excited to announce our 6th Run for Freedom, Walk for Justice 5K and Super Hero Fun Run, which is our biggest fundraising event. This is a great opportunity for us to connect with friends and reach out to the community to help us raise funds for the operational expenses of our safe houses. Hundreds of you in the Dallas area come out each year and support us in this event.  Thank you!

If you are receiving this newsletter and not in the DFW area to attend our race, you can help support us by becoming a Sponsor, Donor, or Virtual Runner.  

For those of you in our area, we would love for you register yourself and your family. Please share this event on your social media platforms and come join us on race day with your friends and family.

Register by clicking on the links below for  Run for Freedom, Walk for Justice

Happy Graduation!

July 3, 2017 

Thank you donors. Your generosity helped these two brave survivors go back to school and graduate. One of them was back in school after 15 years and her story was featured in the newspapers in India at the recommendation of the government. This is a proud moment for us all at YouCanFreeUs

Take a minute to hear our girls speak up!!

This video was done by our brave beneficiaries at YouCanFreeUs Mumbai, India  for the candlelight vigil against modern slavery at the World Rotary Conference in Atlanta this month.

Dollar a Day Campaign

We made a major appeal through our last newsletter and our social media platforms. Several of you have responded and have become a monthly Freedom Partners by donating $1 a day or $31 a month. Thank you so much for your generosity and partnering with us.
We are now short of $4,500 in monthly support to meet our first goal.

This sweet picture is of the “little girls’ corner” at our project in Mumbai. These precious ones are now safe, but thousands of children are still sold or living with their mothers in red light districts around the world.

This week the U.S. State Department released the Trafficking in Persons Report 2017
Here is the link to know more about this global problem of our times.

I Am In A Hurry!

June 5, 2017 


We started YouCanFreeUs in 2010 and with the support of many of you, we have grown and are presently operating safe houses in India and Poland, and have resource hubs in the USA, Canada and most recently in Norway. We have had the joy of bringing freedom to many whose life stories have been re-written.

I returned from our project in India two weeks ago and after seeing the darkness and evil so prevalent in the red light area, I am determined to do more. 


 – 45.8 million are living in slavery and I must do something.

 – Women and children are being traded daily and I must do something.

 – I look at my three children flourishing in America, and I see the faces of children in the red   light areas of the world and I must do something.

 – Somewhere the cries of the oppressed are rising. Someone just got kidnapped, someone was lured and trafficked – I must do something.

 – This has become the evil of our times affecting 167 countries and I must do something.

 – Evil cannot win the day, I must do something.

 – Let me tell you about the pictures on the above.

In the first one,  I met these women just a few weeks ago in the brothels of Mumbai. As we handed them beauty supplies they covered their faces in shame. They do not need to live in shame but in freedom and I must do something.
The other is a child we rescued along with her mother. She clings to any males she sees.
Why?  There is a hole in her young heart because she has no father. There are millions of children waiting to just be held and loved. I must do something…


YouCanFreeUs is blessed with amazing leadership in Clarissa Anderson and Kari Dingler who have been with me from the start, and we have more amazing people who are joining our leadership team soon.

Our staff, led by Sheethal in India and Daniela in Poland, are just phenomenal. They pour hours into rescue operations and caring for survivors often risking their lives. Rae at our Texas office helps pull it all together.

We have amazing volunteers in India, USA, Canada and the UK who sacrifice their time and resources. Our precious donors, many of you on this list, have given sacrificially.

Our dreams our big – for more safe houses to be opened around the world so more women and children can be set free.                            


We can have all the passion and intent in the world, but the reality is we need financial resources to do more.


This summer we are looking for 200 friends to support YouCanFreeUs @ $31 a month.

We are asking you to pledge $1 a day to help us in this global fight against human trafficking. None of us on the leadership team are paid by YouCanFreeUs. We promise to direct your funds toward this fight.

If 200 of you will support us by becoming a Freedom Partner @31 a month, that will be $6,200 a month that can help in rehabilitating 15 survivors each month. It pays for everything, their medical expenses, life skills training, counseling, housing and food, clothes and supplies.

Thank you for taking time to read this message.

I am grateful for each of you!

Sujo John


In case you missed our announcement on social media, we had a rescue just a few days ago. A young mother with three little girls. Her rescue was four months in the making.